National Bohemian releases Camden Yards commemorative cans

To mark the 20th anniversary of Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Pabst Brewing Company is releasing commemorative National Bohemian cans. 

For a limited time, your regular 16-ounce Natty Bohs will feature new packaging that has a brawny Mr. Boh swinging a bat and the Baltimore skyline in the background. His head is roughly as big as the Natty Boh logo on the can.

The cans have been released to wholesellers already and should be making their way to any bar or liquor store that already carries Boh, said a spokeswoman for Pabst. It is not clear for how long the commemorative cans, which were conceived and designed in-house in October, will run.

The promotion solidifies a link between Boh and the Orioles that was revived last year, when the beer was re-introduced to the ballpark for the first time since 1992.

Though Boh used to be the Orioles' official beer - Jerry Hoffberger, National Bohemian's chairman, was a majority owner of the team from 1965 to 1979 - the relationship stopped after the move to Camden Yards from Memorial Stadium

Last March, after the beer was successfully re-introduced on draft in Baltimore for the first since 1999, Pabst also brought it back to the ballpark.

"We're grateful for the resurgence the brand has enjoyed in recent years, which exploded once we re-introduced draft in the Baltimore market," said a joint statement from Daren and Evan Metropoulos, co-owners of Pabst for two years."We hope fans of Natty Boh will appreciate this fun tribute."

Pabst relishes nostalgia like this. Since C. Dean Metropoulos & Co., a Connecticut equity firm, bought Pabst in June of 2010, it has focused on reviving the its heritage brands - PBR, Schlitz and Lone Star more so than Natty Boh, which has remained popular over the years only regionally.

Though it would not release updated figures to back up their claims that the introduction of Boh on kegs has been a success, the company says the experiment has exceeded expectations.

In September, Bryan Crowley, Pabst's chief marketing officer, said nearly 17,000 kegs of Natty Boh had been sold since January, and anticipated sales to exceed 20,000 by the end of the year.

March 21 update: the promotion is running throughout the 2012 baseball season.