Howard County bloggers discover Rudy's Mediterranean Grill

There is peace on Lake Kittamaqundi.

The teenage brothers who write the entertaining 2 Dudes Who Love Food blog posted all the way back in early February about their visit to Rudy's Mediterranean Grill & Diner. The newish big-menu serves breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week but things really get interesting after 4 p.m., when Rudy's rolls out its Turkish menu. The 2 Dudes had traveled to Turkey last year, and they were pretty pleased with what they found at Rudy's.

Now, when the author of the HowChow Blog posted on Rudy's just this Tuesday, he made this gracious acknowledgment:" "The 2 Dudes Who Love Food blog were the first to write up Rudy's." 

The HowChow blogger is kind of like the Godfather + Superman of Howard County dining, and his tip of the hat to the 2 Dudes didn't go unnoticed.

"This is the coolest thing that has ever happened to us!" they posted later Tuesday.

Obviously, they don't mean it was literally the coolest thing that ever happened to them. For instance, I mentioned them on my blog once, and there was that trip to Turkey. Still, it does feel nice when someone whose work you admire notices yours.

I'm just happy when people that I like, like each other. It's like that here in Baltimore. I like all of the great food and dining bloggers in Baltimore. Except for, well, you know.

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