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Cover your valentine in red velvet

Red velvet is huge at weddings but it's a big deal for Valentine's Day. You can line your sweetheart's Valentine's Day with red velvet from sunup to sunset.

Red velvet waffles and pancakes make a striking appearance on the breakfast table. Treat someone to breakfast at the Blue Moon Cafe in Fells Point, where Sarah Simington's red velvet pancakes, studded with white chocolate chips, are making their annual Valentine's Day appearance.

For cocktail hour, head to Morton's the Steakhouse, which is serving its red velvet cocktail, a pretty potion of prosecco, raspberry lambic and Chambord, garnished with a raspberry. If you're staying in, make sure to pick up a bottle of Cupcake Vineyards' red velvet wine, a fruity red with notes of blackberries, a mocha finish and, of course, a "heavy nose of chocolate."

And then, while you're cuddled in front of your favorite romantic DVD, surprise your Valentine with Ben & Jerry's Red Velvet Ice Cream, which swirls bits of cake and cream cheese into a cake-batter-flavored base the color of pink roses. Go the extra mile and serve the ice cream in a bowl.

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