10 awkward questions with … 'Jeopardy!' contestant Sarah Bart

Sarah Bart is the first Goucher College student to participate in the "Jeopardy!" College Championship since it started in 1989. She's also just one of 15 contestants this year, pared down from about 12,000 wannabes. Clearly, Bart is awesome. But she is awesome enough to deal with our queries? Apparently so. We got in touch with the 22-year-old Philadelphia native before her episode airs at 7 p.m. Friday on WMAR/ABC (the tournament runs as 10 shows through Feb. 14), and though she can't reveal how well she did, we had other important matters on our mind.

How tired are you of people asking you to phrase your answer in the form of a question?

What is I will punch you in the mouth if you ask me again?

What took so long for a Goucher student to appear on the championship?

Well, we were an all girls' school until some year not too long ago, so I'll pretend to be an uber-feminist and say the Man was holding us back and my appearance on the show signifies our female liberation.

Alex Trebek: luxuriously mustachioed or clean shaven?

I'm more of a fan of the Ambrose Burnside look, myself. Have you seen that YouTube video of the guy who makes a cage around his head out of facial hair? Trebek needs to step his game up.

How long did it take for you to come up with that boring anecdote that's told halfway through the show?

YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Don't make fun of me when it comes on, please? I promise I didn't talk about cats.

You have three categories left: Botany, Presidents and Potent Potables. Which one do you pick? And the correct answer is Potent Potables.

Sgsdgsddfh. Sorry, my mouth was full of a whisky-based cocktail named after a Scottish folk hero. Obviously Botany.

There are some Ivy Leaguers in the tournament. Please tell me you kicked their asses.

HAYL YEAH. Kids didn't stand a chance against the Mighty Gophers.

Which Goucher class was least helpful in helping your prepare for "Jeopardy!"?

Least helpful: I'd say my mandatory phys. ed. class (5K training), while stimulating mental capacity, didn't teach me too much about Beethoven's symphonies. Most helpful: all of them for making me procrastinate on trivia websites/Wikipedia/Reddit to the point of desperation and expanding my endless storehouse of knowledge.

Will you be on my trivia team and when can you start?

Please. I'm a hot commodity right now. And "Trivia Newton-John" is going to continue its reign of dominance in the Baltimore quizzo scene. That's what we call it back home in Philly, by the way. (Just as a shout-out, though, Wharf Rat quizzo is totally the best.)

Were you tempted to call "Jeopardy" champ Ken Jennings for help or does he creep you out as much as he creeps us out?

This question creeps me out.

Has this experience confirmed your belief that you're superior to everyone else?

I've known this since I left the womb. But if everyone else needs confirmation that I'm better than them, this is it.

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