Best Thanksgiving movie line ever -- "You cut the turkey without me?!"

Leading up to the big Diner reunion on Dec. 10, The Charles is showing a retrospective of Barry Levinson's "Baltimore films." The screenings begin on Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve, with "Avalon "(1990). 

Ask 10 people what their favorite moment from the movie is, and all 10 will say it's Lou Jacobi's Thanksgiving Day tantrum. Late again for dinner, Jacobi's Uncle Gabe is stunned to discoverer that his family, this time, didn't wait for him.

Roger Ebert called "You cut the turkey without me?!" the greatest line of dialogue in a Thanksgiving movie. Levinson won a best screenplany award from the Writers Guild of America for "Avalon."

Google the phrase, and you'll see the phrase evoked not only in discussions about the film itself and in remembrances of Lou Jacobi but in sermons and scholarly articles about family rituals.

"Avalon" shows in a 35 mm print at 7 p.m. at The Charles on Wednesday night.