Video: 10 lessons learned from the 'J. Edgar' movie trailer

Clint Eastwood's latest film, "J. Edgar," due out Nov. 9, is a biopic on FBI director J. Edgar Hoover (played by Leonardo DiCaprio). Here's what the film's trailer revealed.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio loves him some accents: He's done Boston ("The Departed") and whatever he was trying to do in "Blood Diamond," but DiCaprio's Hoover-speak is a little vague here. Is it N.Y.? Generic East Coast? Simply gravelly? We're a little confused (for the record: Hoover was born in D.C.). 

2. Mama's Boy: Judi Dench, playing Hoover's mother, Anna, is in this trailer. A lot. Almost as much as DiCaprio Not that we're complaining, really. It just seems a bit smothery. Maybe she's being used to explain Hoover's main motivations in life?

3. Sexual orientation - vague!: There have been longstanding talk that Hoover was gay (he rumored partner was his main minion at the FBI, Clyde Tolson, played in the film by Armie Hammer). Eastwood and Dustin Lance Black have been sort-of evasive about whether "J. Edgar" would address Hoover's sexuality. But the trailer leaves us feeling like there's a wink-wink approach. "I need a No. 2 man," Hoover says to Tolson in the trailer. And he holds his hand for a hot second.

4. Violence: There were apparently a lot of bombs and fires in the country circa 1928-1969.

5. Old man: An aged Leonardo DiCaprio looks exactly like you'd expect. 

6. Movie poster declarations!: "It's time this generation learned the difference between villain and hero," DiCaprio says in the trailer. When exactly will that happen?

7. Gangsters!: Here's hoping there's a lot of that. 

8. Nosey: DiCaprio asks for a copy of the secret file on Eleanor Roosevelt. A little bedtime reading?

9. Musical: Cue the Oscar Bait Sweeping Score Soundtrack!

10. Hair apparent: We kind-of like DiCaprio stealing Mr. Schuester's hairdo from "Glee."

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