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Double Dagger breaks up after nine years

After almost a decade together, Double Dagger is breaking up, the band said on their website.

"Like any relationship's end, it's complex, but for us it mostly comes down to time. As the band got older and grew and changed, the people in it did too, and our individual lives are pulling us towards other pursuits," read a note signed by all three members. 

Nolen Strals, Bruce Willen, and Brian Dubin formed the band in 2002, and after Dubin left, the remaining members were joined by Denny Bowen on drums. The band has released several EPs and three albums. Most recently, they released the album "More" in 2009 and the EP "Masks" last year, both with Chicago-based label Thrill Jockey.

"We could fill a book with the people we want to thank for everything they've done for us over the years. Those who helped us out in any way from putting out our records, helping us screenprint record covers and t-shirts, taking a chance on booking us in other cities we'd never played before (or booking us time and time again), roommates who sat through countless hours of practice (and sometimes recording), strangers who made us meals in their homes... came to the shows and flipped out which gave us the energy to better do the same, and most importantly the girlfriends and wives who let us take the time to do this, all of you made everything we've put into this worth it," continued the note.

The band said they're working on some new songs that will be released in some form after the band plays its last show, which is scheduled for October 21 at the Ottobar.

The band will kick-off a sort-of farewell tour October 12 at Charm City Art Space, and have shows planned in Detroit, Brooklyn and Washington as well before returning to Baltimore for the last ever proper Double Dagger show.

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