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The Baltimore Sun's new food truck finder

The Baltimore Sun is launching a new food-truck finder.

Here it is, in its beautiful beta version designed by Baltimore Sun Production Technology Manager Adam Marton.

The trucks' locations were provided to the Sun by an association of Baltimore food trucks in the form of a monthly schedule. Obviously, the locations of an individual truck on a specific day may have changed since this schedule was created.  The Twitter box on the Sun's food-truck finder should is a good place to look for hour-by-hour changes.

I will be working with the food trucks to make sure they send me up-to-date information, as best they can. So for now, check first.

We'll do our best to add in contact information for the trucks but what else would you like to see this map do? The Gypsy Queen Cafe's truck, I know for certain, is scheduled to be at the corner of Baltimore and Greene streets on Tuesday, between noon and 2:30 p.m., where it is being filmed for an episode of the Cooking Channel's show Eat Street.


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