WBAL radio temporarily knocked off the air - by weather after the storm

WBAL radio, one of the most powerful broadcast outlets on the East Coast, was temporarily knocked off the air for about five hours Monday, General Manager Ed Kiernan said.

Kiernan described the outage, which began at noon, as a "very frustrating experience." The station resumed broadcasting at 5:30 p.m. and would be able to air Monday night's 7 p.m. Baltimore Orioles game.

"It's a major power issue, and it is weather related," Kiernan said during the outage. "The toughest of this is that we have just been through a very difficult weekend. We were running 24/7 in storm coverage, and everything went fine. And now the sun comes out, and we're faced with this."

The station continued to produce its regular shows, and can be heard online.


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