Video: With 'Balance,' Future Islands tell an American love story

It's another remarkably beautiful but simple video from Baltimore's Future Islands. "Balance," a cut from their Oct. 11 LP On the Water, gets a video courtesy of director Jay Buim. A nomadic couple hitchhikes along, finding enjoyment in innocent pleasures that feel wholly American — parking lot mischief, carnival rides and fried dough, aimless wandering down a highway hand-in-hand. The couple have little — really, just a backpack and each other — but their moods are never morose. Instead, the video's message of companionship and love trump the need for money, shelter and middle-class comfort. As vocalist Samuel Herring sings, "You can change your life, it just takes time," it makes the long journey exciting and, shockingly enough, something to envy.

Fixed (thanks, smithnj.jmu) : Download "Balance" here.

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