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'Entourage' recap: Drama on top

The Chase brother worth rooting for — no, not the handsome one with the blank look stapled to his face — will finally get his payday. With the help of Andrew Dice Clay, Johnny Drama stood up to the network and made them cave to their actors' strike. "Johnny Bananas," the cartoon show with promise, will make it to the air, and most importantly, Dice will be his sidekick. Sorry, Jamie Kennedy, but your "talents" are no longer needed. When Drama muttered "victory" in half-astonishment, half-relief, it was a nice moment for a guy who's been a punchline for many episodes.

And that was the good part. The rest of the show continues to crawl to the finish line: Vince wants to prove he's a good guy to the hot journalist, Turtle is struggling to find a business he can put his flag in, E is dealing with the repercussions of sleeping with his ex-fiance's stepmother and Ari can't stop making cracks about Bobby Flay that only an avid Food Network watcher could appreciate. Even Jeremy Piven, whose character's divorce storyline is somewhat affecting, can only work with the script he's given. There should be no Emmy next year, and it's not Piven's fault.

There are two episodes of "Entourage" left and the show refuses to go back to what made it fun in the first place — the ups and downs of Vince's career. He has a new movie coming out but we haven't seen a clip or a trailer ("Entourage" used to create fake movies very well). Instead, we see him chasing a reporter down because he doesn't like her article. Did you ever think you'd yearn for the days of "Medellin" and its laughable ambitions? At least it felt like something mattered in Vince's life.

When there was nothing to "Entourage," you could at least claim it was dumb escapism — hot sex with beautiful women, partying, drugs, lavish spending, celebrity cameos. Now we get a quick shot with David Spade. It's "Sex and the City" but with four guys in Hollywood, and it's floundering all the way to its grave.

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