'True Blood' clips: Preview Sunday's new episode

Andy Bellefleur, time for a DARE lesson. And Jason's just a wee bit guilty about that sex-with-Jessica thing.

In the first of three preview clips for Sunday's new "True Blood" episode, "Burning Down the House," Sheriff Andy is confronted about his V addiction by Terry and Arlene. Intervention time! Where's Jeff VonVonderen when Bon Temps needs him?

Ep. 46 Clip - Andy Gets Caught

The second clips hints at the aftermath of the Jason-Jessica hook-up. Jason is conflicted about it. Jessica? Not-so much. I wonder if it'll come to blows when Hoyt gets word.

Ep. 46 Clip - Jason's Guilt

In the last clip, Tara and Holly turn do-gooders again when they're stuck in the Moon Goddess Emporium.

Ep. 46 Clip - Holly and Tara Got Some Rage

"Burning Down the House" premieres 9 p.m. Sunday on HBO (I wonder if someone will cover the Talking Heads song of the same name for the end credits?). Watch, then check out my "True Blood" recap at TV Lust.

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