'True Blood' sneak peek: Preview clips for Sunday's new episode

Jessica weeps, Hoyt packs and Marcus threatens in these three new clips for the newest episode.

There's only four more episodes left in "True Blood's" uneven (so far) witchy Season 4. And stuff is, well, super-dramatic right now. FYI: There's a bit of NSFW language here, 

In the first clip, a brokenhearted Jessica (who broke up with Hoyt and tried unsuccessfully to run to Jason's arms in the last episode) confides in Nan. Nan, in turn, practices her stone-cold bluntness.

Ep. 45 Clip - Jessica Unloads to Nan

In the second clip, a Taylor Swift album, understandably, motivates Hoyt to start packing up Jessica's things (writing "For You, Monster" on the box. Ouch) before he gets a scary visit from Lafayette. Side note: Nice sly "Twilight" book cameo.

Ep. 45 Clip - Hoyt Gets a Visitor

In the last clip, pack leader (and hairlicious) Marcus is on the prowl for Sam, so he heads to Merlotte's and has a run in with Tommy.

Ep. 45 Clip - Marcus Pays a Visit to Merlotte's

Enjoy! "Let's Get Out of Here" airs 9 p.m. Sunday on HBO. Afterwards, check my recap/commentary on bthesite.com and on TV Lust 

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