When were you Ravens fans planning to say something about Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve?

When were you planning to drop the news that you'll be leaving your Thanksgiving gathering early? Or that you won't be showing up at all? And how about Christmas Eve? When were you planning to tell your spouse that you won't be spending Christmas Eve with the family?

I'm talking about Ravens fans.

For the first time ever, a Baltimore NFL team is playing on Thanksgiving Day. And not one of those old-fashioned afternoon games, but one of those new 9:30 p.m. games they've been playing since 2006. It's being played here in Baltimore, and there's no way a Ravens fan would miss this one -- it's the first time in NFL history  that brothers will be opposing each other as head coaches - the Harbaughl? The Harbowl?

Let's say your family eats Thanksgiving early and ducking out in time for an 8:20 game is negotiable. Are you going to compromise and not tailgate that day? Or, how cool would it be -- you know you're thinking it -- to have a Thanksgiving dinner tailgate, complete with deep-fried turkey.

Say you somehow manage to get your way on Thanksgiving -- you've still got that Christmas Eve game against the Browns. At least with that, there's some precedent. 

I'm just curious about how long you were planning to wait before you start weaseling your way out of two family holidays.

An earlier version of this story mistakenly said that the Ravens-Browns game was on Christmas Day, not Christmas Eve, and gave an incorrect time for the Thanksgiving Day game. I regret the errors.


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