The best of Owl Meat Gravy:Tipsy Tuesdays, curses, and other horror stories

Yesterday, I was stunned to hear of Owl Meat Gravy’s death. I didn’t know him – not really – but I felt like I did. Over the years, he contributed dozens of guest posts and hundreds of comments on Midnight Sun.

He was an incredibly smart writer. Sometimes too smart. And he had a huge personality that occasionally rubbed people the wrong way. But Owl Meat, OMG, Owlie – whatever you want to call him, he had an unmistakable presence on Midnight Sun, as well as the rest of The Sun’s website.

This morning, I went back and read through some of Owl Meat’s many Tipsy Tuesday columns. He was always eager to write something, whether it was a weekly piece or filling in with a barrage of guest posts when I was on vacation.

I never met Owl Meat in person. I didn’t want to. Putting a face to the name would have, in some small way, ruined my perception of him. I was more than happy just to read and edit his work, and occasionally field his fan mail.

Once, I received an envelope addressed to OMG World Headquarters, c/o The Sun. Inside was a soft tortilla, on which someone had scribbled “Happy New Year OMG” in magic marker. When I told Owl Meat about it, he said “I’ve always been a magnet for crazy.”

He was certainly that. Of course, everybody needs a little crazy sometimes. Now there’s less of it to go around.

Below are his best five Midnight Sun posts, in no particular order:

The creepiest drink ever, short story masquerading as a blog post.

The curse, when some women put a curse on Owl Meat.

The road map to first dates.

New Year’s Eve horror stories.

You know you’re a bad bartender when.

Click here to link to all of his Midnight Sun posts.

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