Local cake appears in Dreamworks movie

A cake was delivered to the Baltimore Sun's offices one day a few months back. It was a seven-layer cake from Caroline's Cakes in Annapolis. Gosh, was it good. I remember having posted about how good it was somewhere -- Twitter or Facebook or here? -- but now I can't find it.

Anwyay, the same cake apparently makes an appeance in the new movie The Help, says Suzanne Loudermilk on Baltimore Magazine's In Good Taste blog.

By most accounts, the cake gives a layered performance in the film.

Loudermilk points out that Caroline's Cakes Facebook page is asking its fans to comment about the cake on the The Help's Facebook page.

Also, you should read Michael Sragow's blog post on a review of The Help that aired on MsNBC that got under his skin.



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