Jon Stewart rips Newsweek over crazy-eyes Bachmann cover

Newsweek's crazy-eyes Michele Bachmann cover has been getting a lot of attention this week, especially from conservatives who are blasting the magazine for the unflattering image of the GOP frontrunner. (You've got to hand it to Newsweek editor Tina Brown. She knows how to stir up a controversy.) 

Last night, liberal-leaning comedian Jon Stewart joined the Newsweek criticism, though not exactly for the same reasons that are making Republicans so upset. 

"Newsweek, that's a s---y picture of Michele Bachmann," Stewart said. "And clearly not an accidentally s---y picture of Michele Bachmann. Because you can say a lot of things about Michele Bachmann -- a lot of things -- but here's what you can't say about Michele Bachmann: That she is not photogenic." 

Stewart is right: It's an intentionally unflattering image of Bachmann. But he argued the magazine wasn't wrong for making Bachmann seem crazy. His problem was with Brown's decision to do that with an image, instead of words. 

"You've got to go pretty far out of your way to find a crappy photo of Michele Bachmann," Stewart said. "... Be honest Newsweek, you used that photo in an attempt to make Michele Bachmann look crazy. And that's what her words are for."

He then read several crazy-sounding Michele Bachmann quotes in which she predicted forced camps in America and said anti-American forces were infiltrating Congress.   

"Shame on your Newsweek and your editor Tina Brown," the comedian said.  

Stewart ended the segment by -- what else? -- showing a photo of Tina Brown with crazy eyes. 


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