La vita "Jersey": Can you relate to Pauly, Ronnie, Snooki, or any other cast member?

MTV is airing its fist-pumping-gone-Italian Season 4 of “Jersey Shore.” The most logical question is: Who on the show do you relate to the most? 

Pauly. For saying “I’m not from around here,” when explaining why he couldn’t unclog a toilet. I, too, make up pathetic excuses to get out of housework. — Luke Broadwater, managing editor, b

Danny, the Shore Store boss, because he actually got to fire Angelina, the most annoying of this overcooked, idiotic tribe. — Anne Tallent, editor, b

The duck phone because I’m hard to figure out. — Wesley Case, reporter, b

The grenade horn. — Jordan Bartel, assistant editor, b

I’ll go with Ronnie’s Dad. Cop mustache and crisp tan ... me in a nutshell. — Molly McLaughlin, intern, b

None of them! As a native New Yorker with plenty of friends from Jersey, I find them to be the worst possible ambassadors for the tri-state area. They’re overgrown losers. I can’t wait for their fame flame to extinguish — STAT! — John-John Williams IV, reporter, The Baltimore Sun

Vinny. He’s just cool. Plus, I like being in the spotlight like him, but he doesn’t try to hog it like the other castmates do. — Mick Lee, Z104.3

Maybe if you do a nine-degrees-of-separation type thing you could say I vaguely relate to somebody on the show. Of course, you could nine-degrees me to Cleopatra and Fabio, too. Heck, you could relate Cleopatra to Fabio that way. — Colleen Dorsey, intern, b

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