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Gang brawl! Tragic love! iCarly! It's the new Best Coast video for 'Our Deal'

"Our Deal," the best song from Best Coast's still-good debut, Crazy For You, gets the Supervideo treatment. What's a Supervideo you ask? It's when MTV commissions a video to later play on a channel that doesn't play music videos anymore. It's obviously counter-productive, but I'll leave that argument for writers who care more.

Much more importantly, the Drew Barrymore-directed video is a silly joy, with graffiti, love, tragedy, a big-time gang brawl (I'd be a Day Trotter) and random cameos that work really well (Chloe Moretz is a true star; Donald Glover, Alia Shawkat and "iCarly" herself, Miranda Cosgrave also show up). In short, it's a blast, and that's a relief because a song this gorgeous deserves it.

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