Changes in Alonsoville?

If I had to present plans for my own business at a neighborhood meeting, I'd be one of those lunatic presenters who rolls his eyes, pounds the table, knocks down easels and mutters curses. 

At the Aug. 4 meeeting of the Roland Park Civic League, Crazy Man Restaurant Group operator Eddie Dopkin will discuss plans to operate his S'Ghetti Eddie's, now a BYOB, with a beer and wine license. Dopkin told the Messenger that he will not attempt to sell hard liquor at S'ghetti Eddies and will not sell beer in pitchers.

I guess that's to allay concerns neighbors might have about rowdy pitcher-ordering college students.

Dopkin also plans to expand Miss Shirley's into a space that he owns at 515 West Cold Spring Lane. That space is now occupied by the School of Rock Baltimore. At the same meeting, architectural plans for the Foreman-Wolf restaurant at the Roland Park Shopping Center will be presented and discussed.

Is S'ghetti Eddie's even in Roland Park?


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