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Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart joke that Bachmann's husband is secretly gay

In a special guest appearance on "The Daily Show," legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld had some help for Jon Stewart. 

Stewart, you see, was trying to overcome his more juvenile self -- which wanted to accuse GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's husband, Marcus, of hypocritically being gay as he tried to "pray the gay" out of people. 

As evidence, Stewart played a clip of Marcus Bachmann swing-dancing with Michele and also a clip of his slightly lispy voice. 

But Seinfeld was there to help Stewart avoid the juvenile line of humor and hoped to counsel him toward more high-minded jokes, such as mocking Bachmann's name. 

"Bach-Man," Seinfeld said. "What is that? Some classical music superhero? Bach-Man?" 

Seinfeld even tried to slap the ridicule out of Stewart after "The Daily Show" host said, "He's so gay he calls 'Top Gun' that volleyball movie," about Bachmann. 

"Comedy is a choice," Seinfeld said. "You weren't born this way. You can resist it. You must resist it." 

But each eventually couldn't resist and threw out one-liners insinuating that Bachmann is gay. 

"Dr. Marcus Bachmann buys Brawny paper towels for the packaging," Seinfeld joked. "He's so gay Richard Simmons tells him to 'tone it down.'" 

What do you think? Are comedians just taking cheap shots at Bachmann? Or are Marcus Bachmann's actions so outlandish and offensive he deserves all the ridicule he's getting? 

Watch the clip below: 


The Daily Show - Comedy Repression Therapy
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Here's the the segment that lead into the Seinfeld segment:


The Daily Show - Field of Dongs
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