Sonar owner Dan McIntosh named in drug conspiracy indictment; says club won't close

Dan McIntosh, one of the owners of Sonar, has been named in a federal indictment alongside some 14 individuals for participating in a cross-country drug distribution ring, City Paper reported today citing court documents filed in Florida in December.

Over the phone, McIntosh responded to the charges by saying he intends on pleading "not guilty," and that Sonar, which closed temporarily in May, is not in any danger of shutting down again.

The drug ring lasted for eight years and involved distributing California-grown marijuana in Maryland, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere.

About "1.000 kilograms of [marijuana] and $30 million in proceeds" were said to be in play, reported City Paper's Van Smith, who obtained the indictment from federal court records in Florida. The indictment was first filed under seal in December 2010.

McIntosh is one of 15 people named in the indictment, although it is not clear from the document what role he's accused of having played, Smith reported. McIntosh's court-appointed attorney, Carmen Hernandez, told City Paper that her client intends to plead 'not guilty' in court, and that Sonar is not connected to the indictment.

Over the phone, McIntosh said he's been under house arrest for about five days.

McIntosh, who - as City Paper has reported - has a prior pot conviction, said he can't comment on the indictment because it's still an open case. He reitererated that he's planning on pleading 'not guilty.'

"As far as I was told, [federal investigators] haven't produced any evidence against me or the club," he said.

McIntosh said he has not been given a court date, and he also doesn't know when he'll have a chance to contest his house arrest.

Sonar, which has shows scheduled through November - including Electric Six, Yob, and Shellac - won't close, McIntosh said.

"Worst case scenario is I'll relinquish my share of the club and let [the other owners] continue," he said. "There's no reason for it to shut down. This is my problem. I wouldn't drag it down just because I'm in some [expletive.]"

Sonar temporarily closed in May over a dispute between McIntosh and club founder Lonnie Fisher. But the two agreed on a compromise and the club regained its liquor license May 17. It's since hosted major events, like the annual Maryland Deathfest.

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