Report: Michael Phelps has Canadian girlfriend

Olympian Michael Phelps has been dating a Canadian woman -- and swapping Weinergate-quality photos with her -- for more than two years, the gossip site RadarOnline reports.

The site identifies Phelps' girlfriend as Montreal native Ashley Finestone, who displayed more wisdom than you might expect of a Phelps gal pal by declining to comment to a RadarOnline reporter.

"Only him and I know what's really going on," she said.

Can't wait until schoolmarm Debbie Phelps meets this gal. Maybe the Rosetta Stone pitchman should hook her up with some language-learning software first.

A word of caution: This scoop comes from the same outfit that in December brought the world late-breaking news about the menstrual cycle of another reputed Phelps girlfriend. Headline on that story: "Is Michael Phelps Going To Be A Dad? His Girlfriend Britnny Gastineau Is Late."

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