Nancy Grace outdoes herself with talk of devil dancing

Nancy Grace's reaction to the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial is one for the ages of cable TV.

You could not invent a character like Grace. You might think Grace would be somewhat more even-handed after the woman she characterized as a murderer was declared not guilty.

But not Grace. Take a look at this video.

After priming the emotional pump with a description of members of the defense team sitting in a bar drinking a champagne toast, Grace says, "You know what? I'm not a preacher. And I'm not a rabbi. But something is wrong with that, because Caylee is dead. ... Somewhere out there tonight, the devil is dancing."

I look at Grace on this video, and I have no problem understanding why so many hate the media so much. How about you?

I wrote about one of Anthony's attorney blasting the media earlier today. Almost everyone read his words as an attack on Grace. Read it here. And please tell me what you think of Grace and this kind of cable TV coverage.

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