Mayoral candidate endorses segregation?

At the mayoral candidates forum last night at Coppin State, political hopefuls discussed serious topics, such as taxes and the economy. 

But early in the night, one candidate made a series of seemingly bizarre statements. Baltimore City Circuit Court clerk Frank Conaway, the perennial mayoral candidate, apparently endorsed cronyism, race-baiting and Jim Crow laws all within the span of a few minutes. 

Read City Hall reporter Julie Scharper's article in The Sun here

"You can be black on the outside and white on the inside," [Conaway] said. "You want a mayor who is going to think black."In response to a question on education, Conaway said that students received a better schooling during the days of segregation.

"It was a mistake to desegrate schools," he said. "They're segregated now anyway." 

According to Scharper's Twitter feed, Conaway also implied that he wanted to be mayor to institute cronyism: 

"I want to be mayor so people can take me around the city. I want to give big jobs... to people I know."

I can only assume that Conaway is kidding about these statements. Is it possible he really prefers a policy of segregated schools? I sure hope not. 

I've known him for several years and he's an affable guy who does have a penchant for making jokes and provocative statements. In any case, I doubt these statements did him any favors with the Coppin State audience, who could be heard gasping as he talked. 


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