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The Other Side of ... the 14th Circuit's Ethan Rosenberg

When it came time for Ethan Rosenberg, guitarist of Baltimore funk band the 14th Circuit, to record the group’s latest album, Monkey Juice, he didn’t have to look far for an engineer or mixer. That’s because Rosenberg not only mans the six-string and occassional keyboards, but he also knows his way around a recording studio. Music is the constant in his life, whether he’s writing, performing or mixing a new track. When we met at a downtown coffee shop, he couldn’t help but recommend a new pair of headphones on my way out of the door. Along with the 14th Circuit’s other members — Aaron Kovelman (guitars/keyboards), Jeremy Schon (bass/drums) and Zak Lessman (drums/bass) — Rosenberg will open for the Bridge at Federal Hill’s 8x10 June 15.

For this edition of the Other Side of ... Rosenberg offers some music and food recommendations you might not have tried yet.

Last movie I saw: I saw “Hanna” recently. The Chemical Brothers did a great job with the score. Before that it was “Putty Hill.” I always like to support the local arts scene.

Last album I loved: The Big One by Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers. It just dropped last month, and it’s totally worth checking out. 

Last book I read: “This Business of Music.” I learned a lot from it.

Last TV show I obsessed over: I love “Treme.” I’m a big HBO series fan.

Last time I played Baltimore it was ... Last Friday at the 8x10 opening for the Mahavishnu Project.

Last song I sang at karaoke: I’m pretty sure it was “Smooth” by Santana at a holiday party, but who can remember?

Last concert I went to as a fan: Orgone at the Abbey Bar in Harrisburg, Pa.. I urge anyone and everyone to check this band out. They are about to break out in a really serious way.

Last great Baltimore meal I ate: Stone Mill Bakery. They’ve got an incredibly friendly staff and a fantastic menu.

Last App I downloaded: I think it was the Korg iElectribe. I got some cool sounds from it, but it wasn’t really practical.

Last hidden treasure I found in Baltimore: The chicken po’ boy at Ethel and Ramones in Mount Washington. Delicious. AS TOLD TO WESLEY CASE, B

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