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Poehler mocks herself, Trump at Harvard

I thought we were done with Donald Trump, but, no, he's back again, saying more crazy things and getting more attention. What sad, delusional things is he talking about now? What else? He's still claiming President Barack Obama's birth certificate is fake

Before suckers start falling for this nonsense again (Trump had almost half of Republicans doubting Obama's birth certificate before), let's remind ourselves about the true nature of Donald Trump.

Exhibit A: Comedian Amy Poehler's speech at Harvard yesterday.  

There, she encouraged students to confront life head-on and gave them this piece of advice she learned from improv: "If you're scared, look into your partner's eyes. You'll feel better." 

Poehler went on to explain: 

"This advice has come in handy and it would often be something I would think about when I would perform on 'Saturday Night Live,'" Poehler said. "Live television can be very nerve-wracking and I remember one time being nervous, looking into the eyes of the host and feeling better. I should point out I was wearing a chicken suit at the time. The host was Donald Trump. He was wearing a bigger, more elaborate chicken suit. I looked into his eyes. I saw that he looked really stupid and I instantly felt better. See how that works." 

Poehler's joke was about confronting nerves. But I took a different moral from it: Trump will do almost anything for attention, including dressing up in a chicken suit and pathetically trying to keep birther conspiracy theories alive. 


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