The biggest (birther) loser: Jerome Corsi

When President Barack Obama released his long-form birth certificate yesterday, there were winners (sane people) and losers (Donald Trump). 

But the biggest loser of all wasn't Trump. It was Jerome Corsi, along with his book "Where's the birth certificate?" and the WorldNetDaily "Superstore." 

Corsi's book, which recently hit No. 1 on before it has even been released (thanks to a huge plug from the Drudge Report), now has been completely overtaken by current events. 

How can a book called "Where's the birth certificate?" be relevant at all when everyone's already seen the birth certificate? 

They must be so disappointed: WorldNetDaily's "Superstore" had all sorts of things planned for the book's release, too. They have "Where's the birth certificate?" bumper stickers, lawn signs and even billboards (!) ready to go

At least all this birther nonsense is finally starting to make sense now. It is (or was?) a scam to make money off uninformed people.  


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