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Stewart: Trump's lead in polls 'totally meaningless'

Last night, Jon Stewart deftly skewered the idea that Donald Trump's high poll numbers mean that Trump deserves more and more media coverage (even as he says more and more ridiculous stuff). See posts here and here

Stewart rightly pointed out that Trump and the media have a reciprocal relationship in which the more crazy stuff Trump says the more he gets covered and the higher his poll numbers (and presumably the ratings) go. 

"His poll numbers are high mostly because they keep putting him on television to spew the craziest s--- he can think of," Stewart said. 

But Stewart's next point was his most salient: He pointed out that Trump's early polls are "completely and totally meaningless." 

If polls 18 months ahead of a presidential election actually mattered, Stewart argued, we'd have presidents Lieberman, Giuliani, Cuomo and Hillary Clinton.  

The Daily Show - Indecision 2012 - Premature Ecalculation
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