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Odd Future gets the record deal of a lifetime

It's a big day for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (and I'm not talking their cover on today's b), the Los Angeles-based hip-hop collective that's had the Internet (and more) on fire the past six months. Rap Radar got word from OF manager Chris Clancy that a deal is imminent between Odd Future and RED/Sony. An online buzz act gets scooped up by a major label — so what, right? It's in the details: OF retains the masters of their recordings and maintains 100% creative control over their music and everything that comes with it (videos, promotions, etc.).

This is a power move, and a well-deserved one because OF (and Tyler, the Creator in particular) have cultivated their personas with a sophistication and precision unseen in the Internet age. Their aesthetic and sound are wholly theirs, and they're so well-conceived that OF doesn't need the major labels ... the labels need them. And so it goes: a major label will distribute their records and that's all — no hooks with Hayley Williams (she probably wouldn't be interested after that "Yonkers" diss anyway), no Sprite commercials (unless they want them ... doubtful) and no suits trying to insist they know what listeners want. This is obviously a rare case, but that doesn't diminish how refreshing it feels: finally, the artist will get his work out how he conceives it, without the decrepit hand of the music industry guiding him. To celebrate, watch Tyler's widely circulated "Yonkers" video above, and then watch his collaboration with Domo Genesis, "Supermarket," a personal favorite. 

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