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Nicki Minaj steals another song, this time Britney's 'Till the World Ends' remix

Soon-to-be tour buddies and new BFFs Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj blessed the Internet last Friday with a remix of Spears' robotic single, "Till the World Ends." As usual, Minaj's opening verse is pure thievery: vocal tics (it's a wonder how Minaj's blown-out-animation schtick still has these kinds of legs) and thinly veiled diss lines at Lil Kim make the Young Money artist a zany, welcome addition. Where as Britney can sound so processed on tape, Minaj's larger-than-life performance matches the in-the-red party production. The song's co-writer, and Spears' latest source of inspiration, Ke$ha takes over pre-hook duties and adds an extra layer of dirt-under-the-nails sheen. This remix is the perfect example of pop's current love affair with Euro dance  and add-it-all-to-the-pot rules.

Main page photo courtesy of MyPinkFriday

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