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YC's 'Racks' appreciation post

Your eye-rolls and pontifications on "rap doesn't mean anything anymore" aren't welcome here. YC, aka Yung Chris, has had the South on fire for months, and it's made its way up to Baltimore ("Racks" was a Top 5 most requested song on 92Q this week). In the same show-out, swagged-out vein of Roscoe Dash and Travis Porter, YC keeps the message simple: his money keeps stacking and he's not going to apologize for it. Nor should he when he can write a song as infectious as "Racks," a buoyant, lost-in-the-moment smash. YC and guest rapper Future utilize Auto-Tune in a way that hypnotically melds their voices into the track, as if they're merely another instrument in Sonny Digital's bouncing landscape. And when the beat drops, there's no fighting the urge to do the "Racks" dance (best demonstrated in the video below), and that's the beauty of these swag songs: Their purpose is to make a crowd dumb out, lose their collective mind, forget about those bills and day-to-day strife that they don't need further reminding of in a "smart" (read: typically boring) rap song. A one-hit wonder? Most likely, but we live in a time of singles, so that point is moot. This is escape music, a temporary ticket from the headaches, when all that matters is stacking those imaginary racks.

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