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Lil Wayne's frenetic 'John' video, bonkers-yet-adorable 'Carter IV' cover

"You f---in' with a n---- who don't give a f---," raps Lil Wayne on "John." If that wasn't clear already, check out the cover to Tha Carter IV, a slightly altered kindergarten graduation photo of Dwayne Michael Carter, age 7 (at least I don't think he had the tattoos and piercings then).

"John," that album's street single, got the ultra-dark, even-danker video treatment and wonderfully features Rick Ross rapping from a wheelchair. Much has been made of Wayne's sobriety, and he's mentioned that he doesn't need sunglasses to block his bloodshot eyes now. Maybe that's why his icy stares in "John" are so ... scary? The Internet-haters tell the truth when they say this is essentially an "I'm Not a Star" remix, but that doesn't change the fact that it's an unadulterated face-melter. Wayne's first verse, in particular, will make you forget this is the same guy that did "Lollipop." Tha Carter IV drops June 14, aka not soon enough.

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