NY Daily News' cover: Trump is a clown

The New York Daily News had a simple message this morning for Donald Trump, whose faux campaign for president has gotten increasingly weirder as his "Apprentice" TV ratings rise. 

That message? You're a clown. 

Calling him "Sideshow Don," the Daily News painted circus makeup on The Donald's face and ran a big quote from White House senior adviser David Plouffe, who said Sunday that Trump had "zero chance" of winning the presidency. 

As someone who (strenuously) encouraged Trump to run, I must say that I couldn't have predicted how strange his antics would become. Even so, everyone is getting tired of the insane birther issue. Donald, you're a creative guy who was one of the best students at the best school in the country -- as you've reminded us many times. Come up with some better original material.  


Trump responded to Plouffe's comments here on "Fox & Friends" this morning:


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