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Sports reporter Jennifer Royle sues hosts at rival station for defamation

A female sports reporter for 105.7 The Fan has filed an $800,000 defamation suit against WNST station owner Nestor Aparicio and two of his hosts, saying they diminished her reputation by calling her "trashy" and incompetent on-air and online.

Jennifer Royle, who has been covering the Orioles and the Ravens for WJZ-FM and Mid-Atlantic Sports Network for about a year, filed the suit March 10 in Baltimore Circuit Court.

The suit alleges that during her time at MASN, Aparicio, Glenn Clark and Drew Forrester made repeated statements about Royle on WNST 1570AM, on blogs and on Twitter. According to the suit, the statements included saying Royle was incompetent, involved in sexual relationships with multiple professional athletes and resembled a stripper.

The men also allegedly called her "trashy."

Aparicio's attorney, Stephen L. Miles, called the allegations "baseless" Wednesday.

"I beg them to show me something they supposedly did," Miles said. "Ask them to show you something that these guys ever blogged negatively about this young woman. I have yet to be provided with anything."

Miles also called Royle a public figure, adding, "You can pretty much say anything you want about a public figure anyway."

Royle alleges that the statements are defamatory and hurt her reputation as a journalist and in the community.

She is seeking $800,000 in damages.

Before coming to Baltimore, Royle spent seven years covering the New York Yankees. A few days ago, she announced she was leaving MASN to work full time at 105.7, co-hosting a show called "Baltimore Baseball Tonight."

In a lengthy blog post Wednesday, Aparicio fired back at Royle.

"Have you ever been accused of something you didn't do? And been accused by someone who is a direct competitor who is attempting to wreck your business and your reputation with a loud and frivolous lawsuit? And have it play out publicly all over the internet and local media?" he wrote.

"You can search anywhere on the internet you like and you will not find a shred of evidence that we've ever said or done anything more than tell the truth about her journalism skills and her outlandish behavior."


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