Where to spot Baltimore in 'The Social Network'

The creators of "The Social Network" used the Johns Hopkins University's Homewood campus to double for Harvard because of its similar Georgian-style brick and marble. They did such a superb job you must look sharp to spot Hopkins in the finished film. That is, unless you go to school there.

Most of the Hopkins locations come right at you in the opening of the film. In the beginning sequence, Mark Zuckerberg's girlfriend breaks up with him in a Cambridge bar. He dashes back to Kirkland House, his dorm, where he creates a geek-sexist "hot or not" program called "Facemash" as revenge.

In reality, Jesse Eisnberg, as Zuckerberg, sped across a walkway near University Baptist Church, a picturesque brick wall behind him. He crossed Charles Street to the rear of the freshman dorm known as AMR 1. (The shot was reversed so that he seems to be running in the right direction.)

He ran up the steps between Wyman and Keyser quads — an image that roused applause from Hopkins students at advance screenings. And Latrobe Hall doubled for Kirkland House.

Hopkins provided backdrops for a couple of other pivotal scenes. Director David Fincher staged a major outdoor tete-a-tete between Zuckerberg and his best friend, Eduardo Saverin ( Andrew Garfield) — in which Zuckerberg is comically oblivious to the cold — at the service entrance for AMR 1.

And Shaffer Hall masqueraded as the Harvard building where Zuckerberg faced a disciplinary board for inadvertently crashing the school's computers with Facemash. Director David Fincher thought that Shaffer's portico had a geometric, Teutonic look, and it tickled him. During shooting he told me, "It's a bit like 'Albert Speer does Colonial' — not a bad look to have when you're filming a guy coming out of a meeting with people who have put him on probation."

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