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'Twilight' marathon draws hundreds of fans

Armed with six cans of Red Bull and an optimistic attitude, Christine Basley eagerly stood in line with her six girlfriends at the Hoyt's West Nursery Cinema 14 in Linthicum Tuesday evening waiting to see "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."

The 36-year-old accountant from Perry Hall had never seen of the previous two movies of the "Twilight" series, which grossed more than $488 million domestically. She'd never read any of the best-selling books on which the movies are based. But she was still excited, and intrigued.

"I'm going to get it over with in one night," she laughed as she climbed the stairs in one of two theaters that was showing a double-feature of the first two films before unveiling the highly anticipated "Eclipse" at a midnight screening.

"I want to see what all the hype is about," she said.

The hype meant that both 350-seat theaters were packed by the beginning of the first screening at 6:30 p.m. The theater was expecting to fill six theaters at midnight for "Eclipse."

The movie has entranced millions with its mix of fantasy, romance and the eye candy generated by the two male leads Edward ( Robert Pattinson) and Jacob ( Taylor Lautner). The debate over which character is the better suitor for the movie's female lead Bella ( Kristen Stewart) has prompted fans to pledge their loyalties to "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob."

Basley is undecided as of now.

"I'm hoping to pick a team by the end of the night," she said with a laugh.

Deverau Denton and Ashley Stephenson are both die-hard Team Jacob fans.

Denton went as far as kissing a poster of Jacob near the concession stand of the theater while Stephenson snapped a couple of photos on her cellular phone.

"Jacob is my love," Denton gushed. "He's absolutely amazing! His face! His abs! His personality! His abs!"

Both 17-year-olds admitted to watching the previous two movies five times each. Each has also read the series of books.

"It's awesome to see how the books have been interpreted," Stephenson said.

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