Over the years, The Oranges Band frontman Roman Kuebler has amassed some hilarious, obscene and hilariously obscene stories.

Several years ago, the band was on tour in Dallas when an argument broke out between then-bassist Tim Johnston and the rest of the group. Johnston stormed off, and when the rest of band woke up the next morning, he was nowhere to be found.

Here is how the story played out, according to Kuebler:

"We finally did get a call from him. He was in Little Rock, Ark., which was where our next show happened to be. We found out that in his altered and angered state he decided that he did not need anyone telling him what he could and could not do and, therefore, decided to go home to Baltimore.

"Tim went to the bus station in downtown Dallas, bought a ticket for Baltimore and climbed aboard. In a cosmic twist, he woke up when the bus pulled into its first stop on the way to Baltimore: Little Rock, our next stop on that tour.

"Being slightly less angered and much less altered, he decided to give the band a second chance and got off the bus to await our arrival, which wasn't until late enough that he got the whole day to himself to relax."

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