Jakob Dylan talks ‘Women and Country’

Jakob Dylan's new solo album, "Women and Country," is more of a return than a depature.

"Women and Country" sees the Wallflowers frontman reuniting with T-Bone Burnett, who produced the Wallflowers' first album, "Bringing Down the Horse." After his first stripped-down solo record, Dylan (yes, he's the son of that other Dylan guy), went back to working with a full band on "Women and Country." Dylan also tapped singer Neko Case to do backup vocals on the album and the tour, which comes to Rams Head Live on Thursday.

On his songwriting process "I see it like someone who is writing a play. Who are the actors? Where are we going to be showing this thing, and how can we take somebody somewhere for however long the record is? That's how I hear music now, and I'm more comfortable understanding that now than I was before."

On reuniting with T-Bone Burnett "What's it like? In a lot of ways, it's like going home. … At this stage in the game, I don't really need anybody to make my records. If I can collaborate with somebody, I'm interested in doing that. T-Bone is a collaborator under the title of producer, and he's the truest sense of that."

On working with Neko Case "She's adept at being the singer/songwriter, but she also has a lot of experience being one of the vocalists. That's just what the record called for. Thankfully, she's humble enough to serve the song and not wonder what her spot is in it."

On "Bringing Down the Horse" "It opened up a lot of doors. Afterwards, I don't think I knew when the point was to get off that treadmill. I made too much of it. But I'll always be proud of the record itself. For any band it would be the high-water mark — certainly for us."

Jakob Dylan performs April 22 Thursday at Rams Head Live, 20 Market Place in Power Plant Live. Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25. Call 410-244-1131 or go to ramsheadlive.com.
Sam Sessa

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