On topic with Lewis Black

Lewis Black has an opinion on pretty much everything.

Generally, the comedian waxes hysteric about politics, but during a recent conversation he recommended a Maryland coup on D.C., recalled a heckler from his past and derided the practice of reserving shoveled parking spaces with chairs.

"That's nuts," he said. "You're not allowed to, and that's it. It's called 'tough.' You don't get to do that."

The Maryland-born comedian returns to his home state Friday, Feb. 19, for a show at the Meyerhoff. Earlier this week, though, Black was told he couldn't park his tour bus in Baltimore, which he considers "unbelievable."

If someone put a sofa or two in a tour bus-long spot alongside the Meyerhoff, perhaps he wouldn't be so upset after all.

Though many regard him as one of the angriest men in show business, in a recent interview Black remained calm and, as always, topical.

On Maryland
I wouldn't live there, but I like it. What I don't like about Maryland is that it's around Washington. Why don't we invade it and take over the government? Screw the teabaggers.

The main beef I have with Maryland is 495. The dumbest stretch of road ever built by a group of human beings.

On politics
Democrats don't know how to govern, and Republicans don't know what to do when they're governing. It's like a fun house mirror between these two parties.

The health care thing is unbelievable. The fear of health care changing is beyond belief. Like there's a way to make the system worse. Really?

On Sarah Palin
She doesn't irritate me. What irritates me is that people take that seriously.

She's preaching to the choir. She may learn how to talk in public better and maybe she'll have an idea, but I don't think she'll be able to coalesce the Republican party.

On stand-up
The only problem with stand-up is drunks. They think it's just you and them. When you're in a theater and there are 1,500 people, they just start yelling stuff. It's mostly 'I love you,' but it doesn't help.

On hecklers
The worst was just after 9/11 in Atlanta, Ga. Somebody screamed out when I was talking about Dick Cheney. They yelled, 'What do you do for your country?' I'd like to find the person and see what they think about Dick Cheney now.

On being outraged
I don't think I could make a living if other people weren't. I'm probably lucky that I get to go out and yell. It gets rid of stress. I have perfect blood pressure.

On marijuana
I don't smoke it. I did when I was young. I smoked so much it didn't work any more.

I'm pro-legalization, because if you're going to let people drink then you've got to let them smoke pot. Case closed. You want to keep it attractive, keep it illegal.

On baby boomers
I'm more irritated with my generation than the next. My generation blew it big time. Can't come up with health care. Can't fix Social Security. Can't maintain an educational system. We can't do anything.

The main problem in this country is greed. That's the thing we've done best in my lifetime: we became better at greed than we were before.

Event information: Lewis Black at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.