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ANTM All-Stars recap: Episode 12, 'And America's next top model all-star is ...'

What a finale! 

The very first 'ANTM' all-star was named, but not without drama and a last minute twist.

But first there were plenty of photo shoots, a CoverGirl commercial and one theatrical runway show. 

So who won the whole shebang? It may not be who you think ...


Easy, breezy, beautiful

At the house, Allison, Lisa and Angelea talk about how they've all had to overcome obstacles to be where they are now. Lisa with her abusive childhood, Allison with her father dying of cancer in the past year and Angelea growing up in a poor neighborhood with very little.

The first shoot of the day is a print ad and commercial for, who else, CoverGirl and their Shadowblast product. This always makes or breaks the "ANTM" winners, and the models know it.

Lisa does well for her print ad, but struggles during the commercial. Where's the crazy Lisa we all know and love?! Allison rocks both, but has problems keeping her big ol' eyes open for the close-ups. Damn those sensitive eyes of hers. Angelea breezes through both.

Later on that day, the girls go to the beach for their Vogue Italia spread and all of them look super high fashion in their white bikinis on the rocks and in the water. All in a day's work for a model.

Strut your stuff

All three ladies are at the runway show -- the first in "Top Model" history, and Shannon, Dominique and Laura are brought back to rub their noses in what they can't have walk in the show, which is ultra crazy and ridiculous in only a way Tyra Banks can pull off. 

As Mr. Jay explains, this is how the show is to go down: the girls have to swim through a pool in a dress and long wig, which symbolizes their transformation from mortal to goddess (duh). Once out, sheets cover the girls while they dash out, get dry, put on a new dress and wig and come back in a harness to fly -- yes, fly -- to the runway.

And if THAT wasn't enough, they then walk back and forth a few times to the song they wrote a few episodes ago. Oh yeah, and it's super windy in Crete and they have to deal with that, too.

Naturally, Lisa can't make swimming easy and she winds up on the wrong side of the pool confused, but she pulls it together and the rest is awesome. She clearly owns that runway and the crowd adored her.

Angelea is super nervous because she can't swim, but does well despite not being under water very long. She stomps it out to her song and loves every minute of it.

Allison swims and flies like a little, weird angel, but her walk is a little rough. It's OK, Allison. I still think you're awesome.

After the show, Lisa makes some comment about Angelea not feeling well. She looks fine to me, but maybe nervous or worried. It's strange, nonetheless

Final panel

At panel, Mr. Jay is guest judge and the mood is incredibly serious. What's up, you guys?

Jay explains that because of some info the production team and network found out after the runway show, Angelea's become disqualified. WHAT?! WHY? They're not saying anything, except that it's only Allison and Lisa now. 

Now, I did a little searching to find out if the good people of the Internet knew anything juicy on this. I couldn't find anything factual, BUT I did see several rumors. My recommendation: if you're nosey like me, check out what they're saying on the different "ANTM" forums. Who knows if any of them are true, but it still makes for great reality TV.

Anyway, the judges' critiques and compliments are mixed for both girls. They love Lisa's runway walk and CoverGirl ad, but her commercial is lackluster.

Allison's ad is a little vacant in her expression, but her commercial rocks and they can't get over the fact that photographers and fans all love her. Tough decision.

For the big reveal, Tyra shows part two of the "Modelland" motion editorial from last week's episode. At the end, the image of the winner would appear.

And who's picture appears?


Allison's super classy about her loss, as she would be, and Lisa tells the judges she won't let any one of them down.

So congrats, Ms. Lisa! You're crazy, and quirky and a little more crazy, but you're definitely memorable and totally deserve the all-star title.

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