Prominent Baltimoreans reveal the gifts that would make their holidays merry

Spoiler alert! We asked pairs of prominent Baltimoreans — relatives, co-workers and friends — what would make their trees twinkle this holiday season.

Here's a peek at what a few of the city's best and brightest would like to receive from each other.


Laura Wexler and Jessica Henkin co-founders of Stoop Storytelling and friends

Laura would like: "I would love a massage from Ojas. Their massages are so awesome because every one of them comes with hot stones, aromatherapy, hot towels and stuff like that. It's so luxurious and pampering. And I would give her the same thing so we can go together!" (1501 Sulgrave Ave., Baltimore,

Jessica would like: "I would like a terrarium from Trohv, or maybe just a Christmas ornament." (921 W. 36 St., Baltimore,

Hip-hop artists and collaborators TT the Artist and Mighty Mark


Mighty Mark would like: "A perfect gift for me is something that I've been wanting to mess with for a while: a keyboard synth with a vocoder, like the Korg microKORG to put some Daft Punk-style vocals on my club tracks." (microKORG XL Synthesizer + Vocorder, $499.99 at Guitar Center, 1524 E. Joppa Road., Towson,

TT the Artist would like: "My wish list would be Final Cut Pro X software to do more awesome video editing, or a drawing desk." (Final Cut Pro X, $299.99,

Benn Ray and Rachel Whang, co-owners of Atomic Books and life partners:

Benn would like: "A 2015 Ottobar season pass. I love live music, and I love live music at the Ottobar. This season pass gets you into almost every show in 2015. I can't think of a better way to make sure I don't miss my favorite bands playing at my favorite neighborhood rock club." ($90,, 2549 N. Howard St., Baltimore)

Rachel would like: "A gift card to the Senator Theatre. I don't get to go to the movies often these days, but I'm trying to go see more movies, especially ones that I missed in the theater originally, like the month of Kubrick the Senator recently had. Movies are totally worth seeing on a big, big screen. It still feels like a special event going there." (5904 York Road, Baltimore,

DJ AngelBaby and relationship expert LaDawn Black, 92Q:

DJ AngelBaby would like: "Some new DJ turntables; maybe a DJ controller so that I won't have to lug my Technic 1200s around everywhere." (Pioneer DDJ-SB Serato DJ Intro Controller, $247, Guitar Center, 1524 E. Joppa Road, Towson,

LaDawn would like: "I would love season tickets to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Our family always goes to the holiday spectacle and we always go to performances, so that would be the perfect gift." (Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, 1212 Cathedral St., Baltimore,,)

Investigative reporter Jayne Miller and meteorologist Ava Marie from WBAL:

Jayne would like: "A saddle to literally 'get back on the saddle' after a long layoff from horseback riding. I am an owner of thoroughbreds and am spending much more time on the farm." (From $439, Dover Saddlery, 10 Fila Way, Sparks,


Ava would like: "A new single-serve blender. ... We got one for a wedding present a few years ago and we used it every single day. It finally burnt out — that's how much we used it. I've been missing my daily smoothies, especially when I leave the house so early for work every day." (Cuisinart SmartPower seven-speed electronic blender, $69.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond, 10300 Reisterstown Road, Owings Mills,

 Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs, and nose tackle Haloti Ngata

Terrell would like: "I am a movie buff. I am a huge fan of all genres, and watch them whenever I can. I also write and produce movies in the offseason. For Christmas, I would love a new 85-inch 4K Ultra TV to watch my favorite movies on, and hopefully Santa can bring me new investors for my movies." (Samsung 85-inch LED 4K Ultra HD TV, ,$9,999.98;, Best Buy, 8645 Pulaski Highway, Rosedale,

Haloti would like: "A Rally Fighter Sand Cat, for the desert. It is a fun ATV, and the boys would have a blast. I love to have fun with my boys and family outdoors. We love getting out in the open and having fun." (From $99,900;

Carla Hayden, CEO, and Roswell Encina, director of communications, Enoch Pratt Free Library

Carla would like: "To meet author Anne Tyler. She is one of the most admired writers in the world and she lives in Baltimore. She's very reclusive yet supportive of the literary arts in the city. Coffee and conversation with her would be a dream come true. As another gift, I would love a gift certificate to Poppy and Stella, a shoe lover's favorite." (Poppy and Stella, 728 S. Broadway, Fells Point)

Roswell would like: "A ticket to watch Bravo TV's 'Watch What Happens Live.' My close friends know that I'm a big fan of Andy Cohen and love the show's fun and lighthearted format with celebrities. A talk show with a nightly drinking game is a nice way to unwind each night. But I know this gift isn't too realistic, so new Warby Parker reading glasses would be great. As you can imagine, we read a lot at the library." (From $95,


Lisa Harris Jones and Sean Malone, lobbyists of Harris Jones Malone and spouses:

Lisa would like: "My favorite place in the world is The Little Shoebox in Ruxton. It's like a candy store of shoes. They have the best shoes ever. He can go and buy as many shoes as he wants from The Little Shoebox and then he can go right across the street and get me a matching outfit from JG Sassy." (The Little Shoebox: 7625 Bellona Ave., Towson,; JG Sassy: 7701 Bellona Ave., Towson,

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Sean would like: "There's a play at Center Stage called 'One Night in Miami…' [about the night Cassius Clay won the world heavyweight boxing title]. I'm a big boxing fan. They weren't expecting him to win, so there was no victory party, so he spent the night in a hotel room with Malcolm X." (From $19, 700 N. Calvert St., Baltimore,

Orioles shortstop J.J. Hardyand pitcher Chris Tillman:

J.J. would like: "A hunting and fishing trip to Alaska with a group of family and friends. Somewhere where we can be together and create great memories." (From $3,500;

Chris would like: "A Ranger Z521 boat. I like being out on the water fishing and this boat is great for fishing!" (From $66,500;


Kwame Kwei-Armah, artistic director at Center Stage, and Vincent M. Lancisi, artistic director at Everyman Theatre:

Kwame would like: "For a holiday gift, I would like Bruce Nelson. I know he's an Everyman company member, but we would like him at Center Stage all the time. Not just to star in shows, but to be here always. He can sleep in the Green Room, and we can feed him baked goods and house wine."

Vince would like: "If I could ask Kwame for anything for Christmas, it would be for two front row seats to his new musical, 'Marley,' when it premieres on Broadway!" (dates and price to be determined)