Baltimore Sun Editor Mary Corey
Baltimore Sun Editor Mary Corey (Jeffery Bill, Baltimore Sun)

I was just beginning my career at The Sun when the paper (and, yes, it was just a paper then) marked its 150th anniversary. Everything seemed startlingly new to me, and the festivities around May 17, 1987, were a heady part of that.

Twenty-five years later, I'm honored to be running the newsroom as we turn 175. Readers may not know it, but we're older than The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Boston Globe. Leafing through the magazine published to commemorate the 150th, I was struck by how many companies that advertised in it no longer exist in the Baltimore area. Hutzler's. Luskin's. Mercantile Bank & Trust.

It reminded me that longevity is to be cherished and celebrated.

In this magazine, we revere The Baltimore Sun's past and its bright future. How could our forebears have imagined the tools we have to tell stories today? As a national correspondent, I rented a cell phone the size of a shoebox for assignments. That was 15 years ago, when a phone barely bigger than a credit card — much less one that could be used to shoot video and research, write and transmit stories — would have seemed otherworldly to me.

Today we blog, we tweet, we update our news 24/7. With smartphones, tablets, apps, our website and the paper, we reach more people than ever. We also do more listening; journalism is now a spirited conversation with our audience rather than a monologue.

In the end what makes The Sun successful is people, and that's ultimately the focus of this magazine. Illustrious readers and former Sun staffers have generously contributed essays that tap into their connection with The Sun. Filmmaker Barry Levinson shows the lasting impact one negative review can have; PBS moderator Gwen Ifill captures the thrill of seeing her byline on the front page; and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi describes what it's like when the paper becomes part of the family. Thanks to all our writers for taking time to share these engaging stories.

And thanks most of all to you, our loyal readers who made this day possible. This magazine is our small way of saying thanks.

Mary J. Corey has been Senior Vice President and Director of Content for the Baltimore Sun Media Group since 2010.