15 things you're bound to see at the Maryland Renaissance Festival

For more than 40 years, the Maryland Renaissance Festival has been a celebration of all things 16th century, with the 27-acre playground serving as a stage with more than 100 performances and interesting characters traversing the fictional English village of Revel Grove. But while the century stays from year to year, the entertainment tends to vary. And aside from its scheduled entertainment, enthusiastic participants, who are encouraged to dress up and join in on the Rennfest’s old-time theme, are also known to put on a show, according to actress Mary Ann Jung, who is the royal court director at the festival. But the sights aren’t limited to time-period pieces. As the festival has evolved, so does the attire, she said.

“More and more people are getting into fantasy,” branching out into different forms of cosplay, Jung said, noting that the festival has seen everything from Elvis Presley impersonators and Winnie the Pooh, to the extraterrestrial Klingons from “Star Trek.”

“It’s a big playground,” Jung said. “But we try to keep it as Renaissance as possible.”

Here are several sights — both the expected and the unexpected — that you’re bound to see at Rennfest this year.

Brittany Britto
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