Morning show hosts Reagan and Bethany out at Baltimore’s Mix 106.5 FM

Local radio hosts Reagan Warfield and Bethany Linderman are no longer with Mix 106.5 FM, a company spokesperson said Tuesday.

The announcement about the duo, which had hosted the station’s morning show, came after the Baltimore station announced a new morning program, featuring Steve Kramer and Jessica Dutra, both from a radio station in San Diego.


The shakeup at the station came as a surprise, Linderman said.

“They just decided to go in a different direction, which is kind of something that happens in radio, unfortunately,” Linderman said.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Linderman had been broadcasting from her home, while Warfield was in the studio. It was a challenging time, Linderman said, but the duo was making it work.

“Reagan and I are so lucky because I think that we work so well together that like, I honestly think I would have struggled doing that with anybody else way more,” she said.

While other radio shows might have seen a drop-off in calls and texts from listeners during the pandemic, with fewer people in their cars commuting to work, Linderman said the outreach didn’t slow down. Plenty of people cited the show as a calming presence during the pandemic, Linderman said, and since the show’s end, plenty more reached out to say they’d miss it.

“That’s why we wake up before dawn every day and share our lives, so that we all can have this connection,” Linderman said.

Bethany Linderman recently joined Raegan Warfield <a href="" target="_blank">as co-host of the 106.5 morning show</a>, "Mix Mornings." She was previously a radio show host in Albany, N.Y.

In a Facebook post Tuesday morning, Warfield discussed leaving the station, where he’s worked for 20 years.

Warfield didn’t specify the reason for his departure, but said in his post: “Yesterday, I learned that the journey has come to an end.”

“Bethany, we created a lot of wild radio and I can’t thank you enough for the past few years,” Warfield wrote in his post. “You are a star and deserve to shine brightly wherever you go.”

Warfield, a Glen Burnie native, had been with the station since he was a 19-year-old intern. Previously, he hosted a show with Jojo Girard, who was let go from the station in 2010.


“I’m heartbroken that it’s all over, but I’ve got decades of memories and experiences to cherish the rest of my life,” Warfield wrote.

Linderman said she’ll always remember participating in the station’s Radiothon, which has raised millions for the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Other memories stand out too, like the time the hosts teamed up with Heavy Seas Brewery to create a beer promoting the show and raising money for the Maryland Food Bank. Fans can still purchase the beer in some Maryland liquor stores, Linderman said.

(From left to right): Bethany Linderman (Mix 106.5 Host), Brett Hagood (Heavy Seas Head Brewer) Christopher Leonard (Heavy Seas Brewmaster), Reagan Warfield (Mix 106.5 Host)

“I’m honestly excited to still to have the brand of the show and that kind of stuff still out there,” Linderman said.

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Warfield and Linderman also started a segment they called “Anything Could Happen,” where they spent the morning driving anywhere listeners suggested. As part of the show, they stopped by peoples’ homes for breakfast, visited local businesses and even joined in on an exercise class. It was the result of some particularly fruitful brainstorming, Linderman said.

“I would say something like, ’Wouldn’t it be cool if we could just do one of those books like from when we were kids, where you could like choose what happens next?’, and he like he would say something like, ’You know, I always wanted to broadcast live from like the Beltway’” Linderman said. “I’m like: ’What if we like tie those two things together?’”

As for what next, Linderman said she isn’t sure, but Baltimore has made an impression.


“I moved here from New York. A couple of years ago, and Baltimore has just opened their arms to me,” she said. " I don’t know if I’m staying or going but I’ve definitely enjoyed my time here so far.”

The future may find Linderman back in the broadcasting booth, but it’s too soon to tell, she said.

“Part of me wants to get back on the air immediately,” she said. “And then the other part of me is like, the world is my oyster, I can kind of do anything now. Like maybe I should explore other options.”

“We’ve always talked on our show about how people reinvent themselves and how people are taking risks and making waves, and I think that we can kind of follow that spirit.”