Baltimore’s comedy scene was highlighted on Comedy Central recently as Kevin Hart interviewed three of the city’s comics for his show on the cable channel.

For his June 28 episode of “Hart of the City,” Hart interviewed comics Ty Davis, Ivan Martin and Sir Alex about personal stories and their comedic careers.


Comedy in Baltimore has come a long way -- and groups like the Baltimore Improv Group, which recently brought in an executive director from the famed UCB Theatre, say its only continuing to grow.

Martin is known for founding the Baltimore Comedy Festival at the Motor House in 2017. Davis started her comedic career in Baltimore in 2014, according to her website, and Alex performs shows in the Baltimore region.

In the trailer of the episode, the “Night School” and “The Secret Life of Pets” alumnus also did not let Alex’s Baltimore accent go unnoticed.

During the trailer, Alex tells Hart about a discussion he had with a friend early in his career that encouraged him to go into comedy.

But he unfortunately used the word “too,” in all its Baltimore glory, within earshot of the executive producer of “Cold as Balls.”

So Hart, who’s originally from Philadelphia, repeated it with the exaggerated “ew” sound that makes it recognizable to the region, to snickers from the group.

The full show can be viewed on Comedy Central’s website.