Edith, the Toothless

Dental history of sorts was made in Baltimore yesterday when movie star Edith Massey lost her last remaining tooth.

"I just touched it and it came right out," she said. "I threw it into a box of stuff I have at home. Maybe it'll bring me good luck."

Edie, who played the Egg Lady in John Waters' film "Pink Flamingos" (1972), has appeared in four Waters movies, including the latest, "Polyester," with Tab Hunter. "I became famous for my snaggle tooth," she explained. "But I don't miss it. I hope the people will accept the new me."

"When I first met Edith she had 10 teeth," Mr. Waters said when informed of the loss. Edith's star quality, he assured, will not be diminished.

As for the tooth, Edith said she still can't decide what to do with it. "I might keep it myself. Or I could sell it for a souvenir."

In any case, a Baltimore dentist has agreed to make her two sets of new ones: one full pair for formal occasions and the other with one tooth for her movies.