Derek Hunter out at WBAL radio

Derek Hunter, who hosted a weekday afternoon conservative talk show on WBAL radio, is no longer with the station, according to Cary Pahigian, president and general manager of WBAL-AM.

Hunter’s last day at the station was Friday, Pahigian wrote in an email response to The Baltimore Sun.


“We wish him all the best,” Pahigian wrote.

Hunter, a columnist at, confirmed his departure in an email.


“I was there 4 ½ years, plus a few months of "subbing" before that to see if I could do a show on a daily basis before officially starting,” Hunter said of his employment at the Baltimore station. “The Derek Hunter Show” aired 1 to 3 p.m. weekdays.

“I wasn't in radio before, and don't know if I'll do radio again in the future … I fell into radio through podcasting with friends, it wasn't a plan - just got a shot and took it. Too many people stay in radio far too long or are willing to uproot their family and their lives to stay in it. I'm a writer who did radio as a side job, I don't have plans to switch that order. I'll do fill-in work for friends and see what comes my way, but I doubt I'll actively pursue it.”

“All tweets sent from my account are sent by me,” Hunter continued in his email response to the Sun. “I'm a conservative, WBAL is a news station. That mix is more oil and water than chocolate and peanut butter. There are some great people who work there, but there are a lot of people who work there. I never really fit, but loved the moment from when the ‘on air’ light went on till it went off at the end of the show. The rest, I didn't care for. It didn't bother me that Democrats refused to come on the show, I didn't have guests on very often anyway. But the politicians cared, and complained about what I'd say about them. It didn't matter to me, I liked getting under their skin. But I'm not a journalist, and I didn't run the station.”

Hunter wrote that he is “proud of the success” of his show over the years.

“But I could see the writing on the wall when 30 percent of my shows were interrupted by White House daily press briefings, speeches by the President, or other events of nominal news value.” he added. “If they are interrupting a show as often as possible, they don't want that show.”

Pahigian said a replacement was yet to be determined.