Key moments and highlights from Chris Rock’s Netflix live special at the Hippodrome in Baltimore

Chris Rock LIVE: Selective Outrange. Chris Rock at the Hippodrome Theater in Baltimore. Cr. Kirill Bichutsky/Netflix © 2023

Comedian Chris Rock took the stage at the Hippodrome Theatre on Saturday night in a historic first for Netflix, which livestreamed the special from Baltimore.

Here are some of the highlights and funny moments from the show.


On the slap

“Did it hurt? It still hurts. I got ‘Summertime’ ringing in my ears.”

“I took that hit like [boxer Manny] Pacquiao.”


“My whole life I’ve rooted for [Will Smith]. And now, I watch ‘Emancipation’ just to see him get whupped. Got me rooting for Massa, OK? Hit him again, Massa! Hit him again! You missed a spot!”

“[Will Smith] played Muhammad Ali. I played Pookie in ‘New Jack City.’”

“We’ve all been cheated on — everybody in here has been cheated on — none of us have been interviewed by the person that cheated on us on television.”

“A lot of people say, ‘Chris, how come you didn’t do nothing back?’ ‘Cause I got parents. Because I was raised, OK? You know what my parents taught me? Don’t fight in front of white people.”

On wokeness

“[Everyone’s] typing out woke-ass tweets on a phone made by child slaves. Need to cut it out.”

“We give back. We like to give back. We don’t even like the money. …They sell $100 yoga pants. They hate somebody. They hate the poor.”

On politics

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“Ukraine is united and America is clearly divided. … If the Russians came here right now, half the country would go, ‘Let’s hear them out.’ We’re in a bad place.”

“Republicans lie. And Democrats leave out key pieces of the truth that would lead to a more nuanced argument.”


On his kids

“I’m rich but I identify as poor. My pronoun is broke.”

“A lot of Black people get a little bit of money and they’re like ‘I want my kids to know how it is in the hood.’ Not me. I went the exact opposite. … I want them to be lost every time they’re in the hood.”

On Baltimore

“Yeah, we live in Baltimore tonight, baby. That’s right. Whenever I do a show, I do my homework. First thing I do when I get to town, I go ‘where should I not go?’ And then I say, where can I buy coke? And they’re usually the same place.”