NOMINEES: JAVIER BARDEM, "BIUTIFUL" JEFF BRIDGES, "TRUE GRIT" JESSE EISENBERG, "THE SOCIAL NETWORK" COLIN FIRTH, "THE KING'S SPEECH" JAMES FRANCO, "127 HOURS" MATTHEW: I have no idea what language Rooster Cogburn was speaking (or any of the characters in "True Grit," for that matter), but Bridges takes that cumbersome, arcane dialogue and chews it up and spits it out, entertaining himself and the audience all along the way. CATHARINE: Firth's stuttering king-in-waiting garners sympathy even while he and his wife, the future queen mum, remind commoners of their low standing. Maybe it's the f-word lover in me, but there's nothing like a solid round of BUGGERARSEBUGGERBUGGERF--KaaaanndTITS to make me relate to a character. KATE: Flawless is about all I can say about Firth. We empathize with his stuttering condition, but also the trials he faces from a cold family who never expected much from him. I think Franco, however, is a close second. And where in the world was the nomination for Ryan Gosling for "Blue Valentine"? If he had been nominated, the race would be tighter. JORDAN: I may be the only one on Earth who didn't utterly adore Firth and "The King's Speech." Good film, solid performance. But the most impressive is Franco. It's the toughest role and he pulled it off flawlessly. Important side note: Bardem. Really? Best performance that makes you want to kill yourself because it's so utterly depressing, maybe. ELLIOTT: Firth perfected a stutter and the final scene between him and Geoffrey Rush was gold. AMANDA: Firth had me the first time he opened his mouth and couldn't get the words out.
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